9 Affirmations For Financial Abundance


What are affirmations?  Affirm-ations are positive statements that reflect beliefs you do want to have. It is important when you are saying affirmations to keep them in the present tense.  So you would want to say “I am rich and abundant”, rather than” I will be rich and abundant”. Affirmations are a great way to start shifting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and start changing your life? Post them around your house and say or read them as often as possible. Bring a copy in your car and say them at red lights. Every time it crosses your mind, say your affirmations until they start to become a part of your vocabulary. Here are some examples of affirmations you might use to create abundance:

1. Money is an energy field that flows in great abundance.

2. Money is easy to come by.

3. I live in a limitless universe that always supplies all of my needs.

4. Abundance is my life.

5. Money comes to me with ease.

6. I deserve to be abundant.

7. I live in a universe that always provides for every person and animal, including me.

8. I love my work, and it brings me great prosperity

9.  I prosper in everything that I do

It takes time for you to change your thought patterns so be patient with yourself and don’t give up.  Remember when you change your thoughts your world changes.