What is feng shui?

Translated the words feng shui mean wind and water.  When feng shui was developed 1000’s of years ago the ancient people used it to create a balance in order to live in harmony with nature at that time.  These people understood that as the earth moved through it’s various cycles so did they move into different eras of life.  With this understanding they used the cycles and elements of the earth to make there lives simple.  Why would one want to paddle up stream to fetch the water or walk against the wind to get food when it was all created for them to have effortlessly?  If they positioned their villages in the right place with proper direction and honoring the earth these things would be obtained easily.  They new the earth would deliver them all of the necessities of life.

Now in 21st century the majority of people live on the earth but not with it.  However, the fact remains that if we honor our living space creating harmony and balance we too can live effortlessly, allowing the universe to bring us our need and desires.  Everything you place in or around your environment has an energy to it.  Energy runs in and through everything, each of them representing an element of the earth.  There are five elements of the earth; metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.  In feng shui we arrange or living space in a way that our chi can flow easily.  Chi is life force energy, the energy that if found in everything.  When our chi is blocked it creates blocks in our life and even in our health.  When our chi is flowing freely and effortlessly our lives can also flow effortlessly.

If you feel like your life is stuck / stagnate and you are caught on a hamster wheel, then a little feng shui might just be the push in a new direction that you are looking for.  A lot of people think that feng shui is all about some kind of fancy interior decorating. However, that is not always the case.  You can certaintley us feng shui for that but it is more about creating harmony and balance. When your chi is flowing freely your life also will flow freely and when your chi is stuck or blocked your life will also feel stuck or blocked.

We have all felt the effects of feng shui  whether we know it or not.  You walk into some ones home and you feel so at peace like you could stay there all day.  These people have good feng shui, their chi is flowing freely.  On the other hand you walk into someones home and can’t figure out why you just want to get out of there as fast as you can.  These people have bad feng shui, their chi is blocked.