How to Feng Shui the Front of Your Home to Attract Wealth

Feng shui: The Path to your door

In Feng Shui the path to your front door is very important.   Keeping in mind that everything is energy or (chi) we need to make sure energy can us find and flow easily.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to the path to your front door:  Especially if you are on a corner or a cul-de-sac, you will benefit from putting a pinwheel or a gazing ball out in your yard. This will help to slow down any attacking energy. The movement of the pinwheel will attract energy to you.The address of your home should be clearly posted where it can easily be seen. Why? Because if people can’t find your home, how can energy? You should also be able to see the entrance to your home from the road. If not, the path to your front door should be obvious. Make a well-lit path, free from clutter and debris. Line the walkway to the door with plants or other decorative items—anything to draw the eye and therefore energy to the front door. If you have shrubs that protrude into the

walkway, trim them back. You do not want your visitors to feel like they are being attacked as they approach your home. If there are stairs leading up to your front door, they should be wide and shallow. Steeper stairs require planters on them, or light that shines upward on them, to lift the energy to the door. Flowerpots with brightly colored flowers work well here. The flowers should be living. In winter months, you may want to consider placing artificial flowers in your pots. Artificial flowers work better than dead flowers, because dead flower are dead energy. Set the flowers on the steps to draw the energy up. If the steps to your door are wooden steps with open backs, so you can see in between each step, enclose the steps. These gaps are allowing energy to leak and fall back down, so it never reaches your front door. In order to have the energy flowing effectively in your home, you first need to get it in the door! Painting the door a bright color such as red will help draw the energy to the door.