12 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love!

Using Feng Shui to attract a loving relationship is not just for single people. It can also be used to create a closer bond with a lover you may already be involved with.  Whether you are attracting all the wrong relationships or your current relationship is feeling stuck and needs a shift, aligning your environment for love may be just the cure you are looking for.  Using Feng Shui principals we can see in our environment what is going on in our subconscious mind.

1. Use Yin Colors

The colors in your room should be very yin.  Yin colors are colors that are darker and more calming such as green, brown, and black.  Other colors may also be used, darker shades rather than bright colors. This includes everything in the room from sheets and blankets to the color of paint on the walls.  The reason for this is that your bedroom only has 2 purposes, one is for sleep and the other is for romance.  Both sleep and romance require relaxing calming colors.  Also, having too much yang (bright colors) in the bedroom can represent a relationship that is imbalanced, usually dominated by the male. If you are a single woman, too much yang energy can keep male energy out of the bedroom, keeping you single.

2. Remove Items that are not appropriate for the bedro0m

Keeping in mind that there are only 2 functions of the bedroom, remove items such as bills, work related items, computers, and televisions from the bedroom. If you can not remove items such at televisions or computers, cover them up at night.  Energetically, having these items in your bedroom keeps your mind focused on work, bills, ect. rather than on your partner and a peaceful night’s rest.

3. Check your headboard

Another important element to keep in mind when we are using feng shui to attract love, is our bedroom furniture.  Your bed should have a solid sturdy headboard.  A sturdy headboard helps to ground the relationship and with the headboard being solid, it helps to unite the two individuals.  Divided head boards can divide the relationship and headboards with multiple slats can make the relationship feel like a prison.

4. The power of pairs

Keep in mind the power of pairs in the bedroom. If you wish to have a night stand next to the bed (even if you are single) make sure you have a matching one on the other side.  If you have a lamp on the night stand, have a matching one on the other side.  Make sure they are equal in height.  If you only have one or if they are not equal in height, the relationship can be imbalanced, usually dominated by the person with the with the night stand or lamp, or the person with a taller or more solid stand.  Single people having only one night stand or lamp lets the universe know you don’t have room for the other person in your bedroom.

Put pairs of other items in your bedroom too (love birds, candles, knick knacks )

5. Do not keep memorabilia of your Ex in the bedroom

This is for obvious reasons.  Keeping items and memorabilia  of your ex in the bedroom is a symbol of not letting go so that you can move on to a new relationship.  In addition no new mate wants to come into the bedroom and see items from your ex.

6. Remove any photos that are not of you and your mate

 The only family pictures that should be in your bedroom are the ones of you and your current mate.  Remove all picture of your parents, children, and friends from your bedroom. You wouldn’t want family members in your room in your most intimate moments, so don’t invite their energy by leaving photos of them in your bedroom.

7. Make sure any plants in your bedroom are not pointy or sharp

We want to make sure the bedroom is extremely yin.  Pointy objects even plants can create poison arrows and even a plant can be to yang for the bedroom

8. Make sure the art on your bedroom walls do not contain single people

Everything is energy.  So anything we place in or around our environment is sending a message to the universe saying what we want our lives to look like.  Having pictures or art anywhere in your home, but especially the bedroom, sends a message to the universe that says you wish to be single.

Hand art that symbolizes what you do want to have in your life.

9. Don’t use a lot of patterned fabrics or geometric shapes in the bedroom (this is also yang energy)

10. Make sure you have cleared the clutter from your bedroom

Clear the clutter.  This is always a very important topic in Feng Shui.  Having a cluttered environment creates stagnant energy.  When energy can’t flow in your environment, your life becomes stuck.  This can create disorder, chaos, and confusion in all areas of your life.  Not to mention it can keep you from moving on to a new relationship

11. Write positive affirmations about your partner or intended partner

Writing positive affirmations about your partner or intended partner is very powerful.  It is easy to get into a pattern of focusing on all of the things you may not like about your partner.  No one is going to be 100% perfect.  Making a list of his/her good qualities helps you to change your perception of him/ her.  Remember you fell in love with each other for a reason

If you are single it is very helpful to write a list of things you are looking for in a potential mate.  It helps you to be clear about what you are looking for in a mate and helps the universe to bring it to you.

12. Make sure you leave room in your closet for your mates clothes.

A little note for my single people. Make sure your actions let the universe know that you have room for a partner.  Don’t sleep in the middle of your bed or park in the middle of the garage or driveway.   These actions are like saying you don’t have room in your life for anyone else.  Also, it is helpful to clear out a section of your closet or dresser to give room for your partner.  This lets the universe know you have room for more.